31 Oktober 2005


Here I am, come back from 'unblogged' life..

Well, for people who does not know me, I am Cokhy. Now, I'm working on a surgical product company called B Braun.

Today, I just 'participated' in a surgery at RS MMC Jakarta, implanting my chemotherapy device called "Celsite Access Port" into a patient . Basically, it is just a simple catether put into a vascular goes directly to your heart. But, the implantation is not as simple as the device is.

Today is the first implantation for the surgeons. Because they were not familiar to this device, they still needed my assistancy to implant it. I just found out that not all doctors are capable doing things professionally. I felt dizzy when I saw one of the surgeon tried to find a vein by punch a big-big needle into patient's neck many times just because he could found the patient's vein. Phew..

Today I know that "Dokter juga manusia!". They still need to learn things for their own professional skill and I can see now, which one is well-trained doctor, which one is not!

Thanks God, the surgery went well. The patient will be OK and enjoy his improved quality of life.

The second fact is that the cost of the action is very expensive. For that kind of simple surgery, they will cost you 10 million rupiahs. Plus, the device is about 8-10 mil (they buy from me about 6 mil). Total, the implantation will cost you 20 million rupiahs. Damn, what a cost!

So people, the conclusion is please analyze your doctor who treat you. Ask their previous patients or people around him/her whether he/she is good or not! Because, whether he/she is good or not, he/she will charge you a very expensive cost!

That's a fact in the lovely Indonesia and you should prepare for it!